Friday, February 13, 2009

Artist Spotlight: Sarah Seven

I’m headed to a charity ball this evening to celebrate the centennial of the OANP (Oregon Association of Naturopathic Physicians) and to help raise money for NCNM, the Naturopathic college here in Portland. Normally, an event like this one would necessitate the purchase of a new dress, but I was lucky enough to get hooked up with Sarah Seven, a fabulous Portland designer specializing in all things romantic and feminine, who offered to outfit me for the occasion. I had a fabulous time at her studio, trying on as many of her gorgeous creations as I could get my hands on. Her style is hard to explain – she manages to produce pieces that are both dreamy and fierce at the same time. If you imagine a dress that would look equally natural with bare feet, high heeled sandals or motercycle boots, and then throw in some tucked chiffon, antique lace and a recycled bustier, you may be getting close. For this evening we decided on the luxurious Midnight Stroll number, although we all agreed that the bow should be taken off for this particular occasion.

You can check out more of Sarah’s creations here. Be sure to visit again soon, because she just completed a shoot for her 2009 bridal line, and the pictures haven’t been added to her portfolio quite yet. It also should be mentioned that Sarah donates five percent of all her sales to Compassion International and the International Justice Mission.

I'll hopefully have some images of the event itself up soon.